A few of my favorite things

I’m trying something a little different this Friday and sharing some of my favorite things with you! These are things that caught my eye this week…

First up, my favorite lip balm as of yet, the Covergirl Coloricious Oh Sugar! Lip Balm ($7.99). I have the color, “Candy Bonbon,” and it’s a really pretty candy apple red color. Looks like a natural red flush. It’s also a super soft formula. Feels like Chapstick. Goes on very easily — you don’t need a mirror to apply it, which is a huge plus in my opinion for something that’s pigmented like this.

Next up, my favorite lip gloss, it’s the Revlon Oh My Gloss Lip Oil ($5.99). I’ve bought this now twice — that’s how much I like it. I always buy the clear color and wear it on top of any lipstick. Not sticky. Feels good on my lips. Lasts a long time.

Thirdly, my new favorite clutch. I just got this from ThredUp. It was actually brand new from JCrew. Just another reminder to go check out what they have — you might find a steal!

And what else pairs really well with a leopard clutch? These gold pumps from Target! ($29.99) I tried these on in-store a week ago and found that their sizing is way off. I normally wear and 8.5 and the 7.5 in these heels is what fit me best.

And I think these would pair really well with a basic black dress (Take an extra 40% off $64.99) — or a dark denim dress:

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