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I was at a Hallmark card store the other day picking out a birthday card for my brother. After I found the right one, I kept looking at the other cards in the aisle. Greeting cards are one of my love languages — and my husband knows it. Sometimes we’ll show each other cards in the aisle without buying them, and for me, that’s often enough.

I like to be thought of.

I like to be intentionally shown that I’m cared for — and thought of.

And I like to be known — and (still) loved.

God, our Creator, does all of these things for us.

He thinks of us constantly. We would not even be created if He hadn’t thought us up. We wouldn’t have our hearts, our sensitivities, or our personalities if He didn’t give us one moment of His thought.

And then because God is God, He is thinking of us at every single moment. Still working on us just like He was when He created us. He’s still molding us, still shaping us. He’s still holding us close.

And He knows us. He knows us deeply. He knows us, truly.

And beyond my understanding, He loves us.

That shakes my world. That uproots my life. That changes everything.

He knows what we’ve done, what we should have done, what we’ve failed at doing, and He loves us.

I could have said, “but” He loves us, however, there are no ‘buts’ about this business of God’s love. He doesn’t love us on a sliding scale of extremes; you failed, BUT He loves you.


You might have failed AND He loves you.

He doesn’t look the other way because of those failings, misgivings and imperfections.

He welcomes those too, in His arms. He welcomes us back, He transforms us and gives us what we need to try again.

So I think of all of these things, and then I think about how amazing it is to feel this — to feel God’s love, and then I think about the people in our lives who might like to feel like this too; the people in our lives who might like to feel thought of, cared for, and loved. (AND loved).

And I cannot help but feel like exploding with the notion that we have to share this with each other — we have to tell each other these things, to SHOW each other these things. Because we’re supposed to reflect Christ’s love to these people — our family & our friends.

Because they need it, friends.

They need it so very badly — just like we need it, just like you and I need it.

And I believe that when the thought comes to me, to us — to tell someone they look beautiful, to tell someone they’re doing a good job, to tell someone they came to mind that day; when these things happen, the Holy Spirit is working within us, and I’m asking you today to not deny him a voice in your relationships.

Give, show, tell; love, love, love.

There is beauty all around us, but the greatest beauty, I believe, exists within us — within each other.

Tell someone you know that you see it.

Because there is nothing greater than to be seen, than to be known, and to be loved.

“Honey, I see how hard you work for our family. Thank you for working tirelessly to provide for us.”

“Honey, I see the sacrifices you make so that you can take care of our family. Thank you for being selfless. Thank you for doing such hard work every day for us.”

“Friend, I see how you tirelessly work to give your husband and your children the best life they can have. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. You’re beautiful.”

“Friend, I know you are struggling and going through a hard time. You are so strong to keep walking forward. Thank you for being a part of my life. I’m grateful for your friendship and your witness of faith.”