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12599263473_00d38d8806_zWhile my husband and I were preparing for marriage, the priest who celebrated our wedding mass (who also happened to be our good friend!) suggested to both of us to commit to an intentional week of prayer and fasting for our future spouse — without the other one knowing about it.

What I loved about this suggestion was that it was an exercise to put my future spouse before myself and practice what the Sacrament of Matrimony is all about: getting you and your spouse to Heaven. It was a time of self-sacrifice, dying to self, agape love.

And the fruit of prayer and fasting is that you can empty yourself and surrender yourself to God, and invite Him in.

And we all need Him in our marriages.

So right now, I’m doing another exercise like the one I did before I was married — praying and fasting for my husband. I’m doing this with a group of other women, and it helps to have their support and solidarity. It’s sort of like a sorority — Sisters in Christ Supporting Their Sisters’ Marriages.

Just as we’re called to help our spouse get to Heaven, we’re also called to do the same for our friends and families — and that means supporting their marriages, praying for their families, and helping them through rough patches.

So if you’re interested in doing something similar for your husband, or fiance, here’s a really helpful resource I found:

7 Ways to Pray for Your Husband in 7 Days by Rachel Wojo.

I’ve found that in my own prayer life, it’s easy to focus on praying for the very same things for my husband day after day. I thought this list was helpful in refreshing my prayers for my husband and sort of bringing new life to my prayers.

She writes, “Persist in taking your husband before God. There have been times in my marriage when I determined to pray more for my husband and I failed. Do I love my husband? Beyond words. Do I want God to work in our lives? Yes. Do I want my husband to feel the benefits of my prayers on his behalf? Absolutely. Then persisting in my prayer life is necessary.”

photo credit: John Hope Photography