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I realize it’s not quite Winter just yet, but if you’ve been following me on Instagram this weekend, you know that we’ve had a power outage at our house for the last three days and counting from an ice storm last Thursday, so… it feels like Winter both outside and inside. So this winter-y weekend had me thinking about a few of my winter necessities that I thought I’d share here…

To start with, these are one of my favorite hand sanitizing wipes. I buy these at our local Kroger. They’re gentle on my hands (as non-drying as they come) and they’re pretty large, so they’re good for wiping surfaces on-the-go. I usually carry these when we’re traveling or going on long car rides. When I’m at home and just running errands or going out to eat, I just pick up one of these individual packets. Does it feel like our house is a doctor’s office with this big box in our pantry? Yes, it does. Do I mind that? Not even a tiny bit.

This is my favorite hand soap, hands down. I’ve tried a lot, but I love the feel of this one, how moisturizing it is, and this particular scent is nice; definitely not overwhelming at all — and I’m fairly sensitive to fragrances. This is another Kroger-buy. My second favorite is this Avalon Organics Peppermint hand soap. This stuff will fool you into thinking you’re in a spa every time you wash your hands, I promise. And the peppermint scent is perfect for winter & Christmas. I actually would say this would be a nice gift, too. We’ve also tried their Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon-scented soaps, and really like them all, but peppermint has always been our fav.

With all the hand-washing I do (and encourage, haha), you can bet I’ve also tried a lot of different hand lotions. I used Aveeno a lot last Winter, but the consistency felt very watery, and it also felt like it took a long time to soak in. It worked well, but I recently tried this one, and I’d say it fits the bill even better. It soaks in quickly, the consistency is thicker and much less water-y, and it works really well throughout the day. I can get away with less applications – my hands stay soft and moisturized longer.

Talking about soft and moisturized, this lip balm is one I reach for every winter. My favorite colors are nude & berry.

Next up: a few of our favorite vitamins… Vitamin D is really important in the wintertime, especially because we’re so much less exposed to the sunlight. This is the Vitamin D we take — it’s the one our doctor recommended to us, and we’ve been using this brand for years and really trust them. Vitamin C is another great vitamin for year-round immunity, and this is the one I use daily. The other two things I take daily are this multivitamin and this elderberry syrup (google how this is helpful to combat colds & flu, it will amaze you!). Now I’m not a doctor, so you know I have to tell you to check with your doctor about whether these are safe for you to take. 🙂

I shared my winter coat in my instastories this weekend, and I bought it last winter from TJMaxx. It was a great deal and it’s very warm. It’s a long puffer jacket, goes over my knees, and has a sweater zip-up and then a second outer-coat zip-up if that makes any sense. Definitely my best winter coat yet. The brand is Marc New York. I couldn’t find the exact same jacket, but this is a similar style.

My husband bought me these gloves for Christmas last year, and they’ve held up well. I have relatively small hands and they don’t actually swim in these gloves, and they’re pretty warm!

These are my go-to black tights for the season, and my go-to pantyhose (I’m a huge fan of pantyhose! bring it back, ladies!). I’ve tried more expensive brand-names for pantyhose to see if they’re actually any better, and my favorite brand so far has been Calvin Klein, but these Hanes are a very close second and I’ve found them before at our local CVS, so their convenience has won me over.

I don’t remember which brand my winter boots are — my husband gave them to me as a gift almost five years ago (which is why it’s a good idea to think of them as an investment; they can last a long time!), but this is a very similar style, looks like a good price for what you get, and has great reviews.

If there were ever a season to buy a fancy candle, this is it, and this is the candle to buy. It’s beautiful, I love the glass it’s in, the lettering on it, and the candle scent. Blessed is She always does what they’re doing so dang well, and this candle is no exception.

When it comes to winter & Christmas movies, this is my favorite. I love how it shows the value of having, and the joy of being a part of, a family. ♥

Something that’s important to keep doing during Winter, although it feels so. much. harder, is to keep moving and keep working out; I’ve found that it improves my mood 110%, and they also say it improves your immunity, so you know it’s important to me. Something that I’ve done at home in the past few years is this ballet workout. All you need is a carpet or soft mat to work on, and it’s a pretty good workout; I always feel it afterwards — which I actually love, and there’s an option for a 15-minute workout which seems much more doable if working out longer is intimidating or just not doable.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this last winter necessity: community. There have been winter seasons when we’ve really holed ourselves up at home and haven’t made a point to get out and spend more time with family & friends, and those have been the harder seasons. So we now prioritize this, and value it, and make it an intentional thing: to get out, to spend time with family & friends, and to be more social. Even being social online is helpful! That’s what I love about interacting with you here, on my Facebook page, on my Instagram, and especially in the Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Community group (I’d love to see you there if you haven’t already joined!).

The Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Community group is a place where we share prayer intentions, check-in throughout the week and talk about where we’re seeing God in our days, what we’re grateful for and what we’re particularly appreciative of, and then we also talk about the normal, everyday type of stuff, like our favorite winter movies and Advent activities. If you join the Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Community, you’ll also get a private newsletter that I publish every Monday with links to my favorite recipes, budget-friendly fashion & catholic home decor, and prayer tips to get through the week. You can read more details about how to join the CWCL Community here. I hope to see you there!

That about wraps it up. Are there any winter necessities that I didn’t mention that you love? Share those below!