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Here’s a really beautiful story of how one couple became open to life later in their marriage & reversed a vasectomy. The blogger calls it their “Reversion Story.”

Christina from A Catholic Reversal writes:

“The additional children do make practicing our faith challenging at times, but the joy they have brought to our older children and us is immeasurable. Most days Greg and I pray together for the strength to grow in the face of our challenges. It feels like leaps and bounds from my days of despairing if our marriage would even work. No longer do we turn away from our sinfulness rather we try to acknowledge that we need Christ on a daily basis to lead us on our path. We actively seek God’s will in all areas of our life now and are on a continual journey of renewal and as we seek God’s grace through the sacraments.”

Read more about it here.

And if you’re looking for resources on natural family planning, reversing a vasectomy or another sterilization procedure, One More Soul has a lot to offer here. You can also find an NFP-only doctor through their website.

You can also read through the experience of twenty different couples who all initially chose sterilization, and then chose another way… here:

Sterilization Reversal: A Generous Act of Love

and here too.

It’s really never too late!

I think that when you make such a big & life-changing decision, it’s very hard to go back or allow yourself to change your mind — mostly because of what you have invested into that decision; be it time, money or your emotions.

So yes, it can be hard to put the brakes on & go in a different direction, but this couple’s story shows us that it’s not impossible.