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15410737033_9ea927b2e5_z (1)I saw this article the other day and thought it was pretty cute 🙂

Here’s the first of twelve tips Rebecca Frech recommends on how to love a man — “Catholic Style:”

1. Help him get to Heaven.

“This is the most important job for every Catholic woman. It’s your job to help him get to Heaven – not by being the thorn that sanctifies him,  but by being the companion who walks next to him and encourages him when the journey is hard.”

And the other two points that jumped out at me:

7. “Tell him what you want.

He’s not a mind reader. Don’t set him up for failure by making him guess.”

8. “Don’t carry your baggage around.

Get rid of that stuff. You’ll feel so much lighter. Go to Confession regularly.”

11. “Pray. Pray with him. Pray for him.

He needs the spiritual support. There is a war on men in our culture. It’s on TV, in books, in movies, everywhere we turn. Men are being degraded and reduced to the sitcom buffoon. It’s hard to be a good and moral man these days. He’s under attack. Counter it the best way you can, with prayer.”

You can read the rest of the guide here.

Photo credit: John Hope Photography