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Hi, I’m Annie! I’m a Catholic wife, writer & producer. I love to read, to write, and to share some of the best things I find here — and those are the things that point us to God, remind us of what living life as a Catholic wife is all about, and things that inspire us to grow in our faith and vocations. 

And I love community. Working from home for the past couple of years has proven to be a little isolating at times, and it has reminded me that we all need people and that a community of faithful friends can be so life-giving!

That’s what I hope to bring to you here, and on my Facebook page and Instagram; a sense of community, a place where we can interact on all things-Catholic, and a place where we can support one another as we all strive to get to Heaven in each of our vocations.

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Just like our friendships can serve to bring us closer to Christ, I hope I can do that for you here. From sharing my own experiences to hearing about yours as well; I hope and pray we can learn from each other and bring out the best in one another! So, thank you for stopping by, for reading — and sharing!

I look forward to sharing some of the best things I find with you!

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Now, a little more about me… 

I used to broadcast the news. That's me in the control room!

Now, I broadcast prayers.

And honestly, the two aren’t as different as you would think.

I got into journalism because I wanted to become, “as close as possible to the heart of the world.” I wanted to talk to people, learn about them, tell their stories.

I was able to do that fairly well while I worked in the news business, but I always felt that something was missing…

At the end of a work day, I would go home and I would pray — I would pray for those people whose stories I had told, for those people whose deaths I covered, and for those who were suffering and mourning their losses.

But in that darkness, there is light — there is hope… and I wanted to seek, uncover, and share more of that.

And now, I do — through interacting with faithful people from all around the world.

I work from home on a prayer ministry I run with my husband: Pray More Novenas. Together, we pray a novena online as a community each month — we have people praying with us from all around the world. This community shares its hopes, dreams, losses, answered prayers… And it is through this work that I truly have felt myself becoming closer to the heart of the world — to God through the people I get to interact with on a daily basis.


When I was a morning show producer, I would start my day scouring the internet for the big news of the day. I basically do the same thing now — the only difference is I’m at home, sometimes I’m in my pj’s, and all of the things I find and share have something to do with our Catholic faith. I look forward to bringing you some good news — my favorite type of news 🙂

You can also find me on Facebook& Instagram.

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