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Hi, friends! I’m thrilled to share with you this preview of our upcoming Pray More Advent Retreat!  It’s an online, self-paced retreat that I produced that you can participate in wherever you are & whenever you have the time.

Our goal here is to prepare our hearts and minds to receive Jesus when He comes to us on Christmas — but also, when He comes to us in our everyday lives.

Here’s a short video of what you can expect when you sign up!

Advent starts on Sunday…! As you can probably tell, I can’t wait  This retreat has been in the works for months (!!) so I’m more than ready for Advent to begin. Are you??

“The liturgy of Advent…helps us to understand fully the value and meaning of the mystery of Christmas… Advent is, so to speak, an intense training that directs us decisively toward him who already came, who will come, and who comes continuously.” – St. John Paul II

You can sign up for the retreat here.