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beautiful blond couple in the park reserve

I thought this was an incredible piece, by Rev. James Searby:

“Am I Ready to Get Married?”

“No, you’re not.”

And here’s why not…

“This question is an important one to be sure of and the answer is even more important. Allow me to answer it for you: No, you are not. No one can ever be completely ready for marriage. In an age where we want certainty and risk reduction in every area of life, we also hope for it in our vocation.

Marriage is a lifetime of total self-sacrifice, radically loving your spouse (and, through that love, your children) in the day-in-day-out things of everyday life. There is never a break in that love, there is never a moment where it is OK to live a, “do whatever you want,” independence again.

“In effect, certain so called “independent freedoms” are lost but real interdependent freedom is found. Is anyone ever fully “ready” to live the challenge of a faithful, fruitful, permanent and totally committed type of love? No way! That kind of love can only be learned by actually doing it and with the grace of the Sacrament of Marriage.”

Read the rest here.