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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ 3 Ways to Cultivate Hope in Your Life

+ Virtual Vacation Bible School!

+ My husband loves me in about a hundred different ways, and many of those ways may seem unromantic sometimes — and they’re certainly not really things I can capture in a picture. 🌸 I bet your husband loves you like this too. 🌸 

For mine, it often looks like him making sure the stove is turned off after I cooked us dinner. It looks like him locking the front and back doors before bed. Driving nine hours for us to visit my side of the family. Offering me the last pretzel in the bowl. It’s also been him going to doctor’s appointments with me. Pulling out ivy from in front of our house. Taking the trash out. Thanking me for dinner every single night.

His love doesn’t always look like flowers and gifts and love letters (but at times, it has — it’s just not the everyday norm). His everyday love looks a lot like these smaller things, that when you add them up, are monumental. He keeps us safe, he makes sacrifices for me and for us, and he provides. His everyday love is maybe so ordinary that it can be easy to overlook at times. Or take for granted. Or not mention here on social media. But it’s the kind of love that makes love last. And I think we should celebrate this type of love more — not just the days our husbands surprise us with something sweet (though John-Paul knows I *love* surprises like that, and I think we should celebrate those moments too!).

I asked over on my Facebook page & Instagram: What’s one of the everyday, normal things your husband has done lately that you know he does because he loves you?

+ “When your sister has what you don’t”

+ I was praying last week, listening to Beth Davis’ Teachable Tuesday (through @blessedisshe__ on YouTube!) from about a week ago, and she was leading the prayer, saying, “Tune our spiritual ears to hear Your Voice — Would you speak a word, particular to us, Jesus? You know what we need to hear.” 🙏

And “Security” is what came to my mind. Maybe more than anything else, I look for this — this sense of safety, of everythings-going-to-be-okay. And just a few minutes later, I started to consider how God speaks to us in such a particular language to each of us — how He loves us in the way we need and want to be loved. It made me think of the Five Love Languages. ❤️

When we usually talk a bout those, it’s in relation to our relationship with our husbands or with our other family and friends. But today I thought about them in relation to Him. And I considered how He shows us His love in those different languages… and how we show Him ours. Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

It makes me ask: How have you felt God’s love and presence in your life lately through one of these love languages? How have you reciprocated? (here)

+ “How to cultivate the charisms you’ve been given”

+ Prayer is always our starting point, and it is what leads us to action — action guided by the Holy Spirit.

+ “While Jesus Christ has won the ultimate battle, those who live during this time must one day “give an account for all we do” before the “Lord of truth, the God of history… One thing and one thing only will matter: Was I a faithful witness to the Gospel?(Princeton professor Robert George)

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