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8747148779_4f13db9e05Just the way that we make time to get our coffee in the morning, or to take our vitamins throughout the day and eat a good, nourishing meal, we should also make a similar concerted effort to spend intentional time with Jesus each day.

I know it’s not easy. I’ve personally cut down on prayer time before just because I was busy.

But if there is anything to cut out of your day because you’re busy, prayer isn’t it!

So here are two easy ways from Julie Pfeifer over at Loving Christ Ministries to bring Him into your day just a little more… I try to do both of these every day:


“Read a scripture or two or a line or two from a devotional or a motivational book. Sometimes, meaningful reading jogs our thoughts and touches something deep in our hearts. Take time to reflect over what you’ve read. Don’t read too much or it becomes too much to think about.

“Thank Him. He’s real. He’s here. He’s doing huge things for us when we let Him, so tell Him thanks. Appreciate and be grateful for Him and that will bleed over into your daily life.”

You can read some more tips here. 

What I find so easy about these two tips is that you can do it while you’re drinking your morning coffee!

photo credit: Morning Coffee