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19910888819_d9109c58ac_zMy husband and I are celebrating three years of marriage today! You can read more about that here. 

To celebrate this on the blog today and this week, I thought I’d share some things about other ladies’ marriages, because let’s be honest, I talk about mine all the time! 😉

Some of my favorite posts are those anniversary posts — when we hear about what marriage has looked like throughout the years, what they’ve learned from it, how they’ve changed — the challenges, and especially the rewards and blessings.

lovewarmsusIt’s contagious! As love should be.

So here are a few other anniversary posts by some other Catholic wife bloggers! We can probably learn something from each one of ’em 🙂 This is the first of a four-part series, so buckle up!

Anniversary Round-up Part I:

Katie Warner, married 3 years:

“Our anniversary being on April 14th, we wanted the 14th of every month to be a mini-celebration of our continued love and fidelity for one another and a chance to enjoy not only each other’s presence, but to soak in some of the finer things in life together, disconnecting from technology most of these finer evenings and embracing high culture “in a very civilized way.” We also just wanted an excuse to have a little extra fun on a random weeknight.”

Amy, married 14 years:

WE ARE KEEPERS OF EACH OTHER’S SOULS.  I didn’t know this when we first married.  I didn’t understand the magnitude.  Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church and as we’ve grown in our understanding of marriage and all that it entails, I’ve come to see that Dustin and I are to mirror Christ’s love.  It really is a beautiful teaching.  My job, as Dustin’s wife, is to guide him to heaven.  He is to do the same for me.  We do that by offering each other the kind of unconditional, sacrificing, forgiving, selfless love that Christ offers us.  When we do this only blessings flow.”

Leslie, married 26 years:

“I vividly remember saying to John, when we had been dating all of six months, that it didn’t seem like enough just to SAY “I love you,” anymore:  I wanted to LIVE it.  That’s what marriage is, and we didn’t know how hard, or how rewarding, it would be.  Those romantic early days were wonderful.  I love remembering them.  And I’m happy to say that we still like romance and spending time together and that spark has never gone out.  But love sustained and nurtured over twenty-five years is  stronger and richer and deeper and profound in ways we could not have understood back then.”

Kellie, married three years:
“I remember days after hearing Lily’s diagnosis, sitting down with our priest and he said, “I bet you didn’t expect ‘in sickness and in health’ quite this soon.” No, I didn’t expect it quite so soon and I never imagined facing this with my daughter. If someone would have told me three years ago we would be mourning three months without our daughter on our third anniversary, I wouldn’t have believed it even possibleBut, would it have changed anything? Not a chance. I am grateful for every single moment of the past three years.”

Rita, married 10 years:

“During the time we’ve known each other, we have had seven jobs. We’ve laughed and cried, worried and trusted. We’ve prayed and wondered, planned and dreamed. Twice we’ve traveled to China to adopt two extraordinary little boys–our sons. And we’ve brought them home and tried to figure out this mysterious vocation of parenthood. I’ve cooked who knows how many meals, while John has done mountains of laundry and miles of lawn mowing. But there’s no way to quantify how we’ve grown in love and in our marriage. How do two people become one? It would be impossible–if not for God.”

Amy, married 7 years:

“Three years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. I know. Saying “the man of my dreams” is totally cliche. However, I think the reason many phrases become cliche is that they are so true. My husband really is the man of my dreams. Before I met him, if I thought of the kind of person I wanted to, or dreamed of, spending my life with, I would have described him. Handsome. Intelligent. Funny. Considerate. Hard-working. Sans piercings… You name it. If I once wished for a quality in a potential mate, he has it. And then some.”

Bonnie, married 8 years:

They (we) were told they were rushing and at times they were worried, but they were confident that God wanted them together.  So they went ahead and got hitched… They had some ups and downs along the way…  They got to know some new friends. And they enjoyed their super cute kids.  And they lived happily ever after, laughing at each other’s jokes, bickering, and him appreciating her ability to stay within budget (most of the time) and her appreciating his ability to work hard and still come in and play with the kids at the end of the day.”

Katie, married 4 years:

Thank God every day for the spouse he has given you – even more on the days that are hard. Thank your spouse for things they do for you, your family, friends, etc. I like being appreciated by my husband – especially for everyday tasks, like making dinner – it makes you feel good when you are noticed.”

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Photo Credit: John Hope Photography