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Years ago, my initial response to stories about how Jesus healed someone would quickly be to ask, “But why not me?” Now, after much time (and prayer, and discernment, and reading – and talking with friends & family), I realize that none of us is promised a life without suffering — and that this is okay, and that ultimately, this is for some good. And maybe most comfortingly, that Jesus is with us even in those moments.

When Jesus told that girl to arise yesterday, it felt like He was speaking to me and asking me to arise from the place in life that tries to avoid suffering. It’s a constant and continual effort of mine: to not only think of self-protection and safety, but to think of love and service, even through (and with) the pain.

Jesus promises to be with us and to give us what we need to endure this life and its sufferings. I’m praying today to believe more fully in His presence and providence.