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medium_3190479939“The balancing of frugality and charity is something that needs to be modeled in every Christian family. Frugality for its own sake makes one stingy and can lead to a lack of charity. But husbanding one’s resources with care and living in simplicity allows us to share these resources more fully with others. May we always keep the poor and suffering in our minds and in our prayers. And as we Christians strive to share more in charity and live more simply, the words of St. Vincent de Paul to the members of his order are something we can all take to heart in the Domestic Church, “our highest ambition is to instruct the ignorant, to bring sinners to a spirit of penitence, and to plant the Gospel spirit of charity, humility, and simplicity in the hearts of all Christians.” (Ellyn von Huben)

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photo credit: analogophile