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Here’s this week’s must-reads for you:

+ I just posted this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter over on Patreon, and in it, I wrote a little bit about discerning God’s will in your life — including this quote on the subject, by Peter Kreeft:

“Look for the fruits of the spirit, especially the first three: love, joy, and peace. If we are angry and anxious and worried, loveless and joyless and peaceless, we have no right to say we are sure of being securely in God’s will. Discernment itself should not be a stiff, brittle, anxious thing, but—since it too is part of God’s will for our lives—loving and joyful and peace-filled, more like a game than a war, more like writing love letters than taking final exams.”

– Peter Kreeft

I share this newsletter on Patreon every Monday, and it includes:

+ A Prayer Tip based on Sunday’s Mass Readings & Homily (this week, it’s about discerning God’s will)
+ Recipes (mostly gluten-free or paleo; this week, it’s a gluten-free spice cake, instant pot General Tso’s meatballs, and a roasted asparagus side dish)
+ Links to Budget-Friendly Home Decor & Fashion (so many good finds this week!)

When you sign up for the newsletter, you also get access to a private Facebook group for Catholic women! You can sign up for the newsletter here:

+ “Our life’s journey is how God becomes real to us.” – Dr. Carolyn Woo

+ “(God) begs us to ‘Be still’ (Psalm 37:7) and instructs Martha that Mary, choosing to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen has chosen the better part (Luke 10:38-42). Still. Sit.  Listen. These are not words that describe rushing. God created an earth full of treasures for us to savor if only we slow enough to notice. What if we slowed down today, this week?” – Anna Bonnema 

+ If you can’t make it out to a March for Life, then here are a few other ideas of how you can respect, protect, love & serve life. 

+ A Novena for the March for Life

+ Disorganization isn’t a sin, no matter how hard the world tries to make it one: “Why we should be focusing on the less-than-perfect state of our hearts instead.”

+ “The more I hold on, try to keep something that’s not meant for me, try to make something happen that just isn’t working, keep my death grip on whatever I think “should” be – I end up having less. And when I let go, truly give it over to my Higher Power to take care of me and “it” (whatever it might be), then I have more – more peace, freedom, joy, calm, comfort.” – Erica, Be A Heart

+ “Trust, I have learned over the years, is not expecting Jesus to answer my prayers as I want, but to believe they are being answered always in the way that is best for me. Confidence to approach Jesus with my concerns (even the irrational ones) is how I exhibit trust; and in turn, he promises me peace. Seems like a fair trade.” – Allison Gingras

+ “Social media is constantly flaunting the best of other people’s lives while taunting us with temptation to do the same. Of course, it’s not a bad thing to share your life with others. But when we constantly share it in a way that is immediately measured by what other people think (comments, likes, shares, RTs, etc.) we begin to value everything we have and do in terms of what other people think about them.

“It’s too easy to end up mis-using the blessings in our lives as a means to impress others. Or a tool to communicate our success to outsiders. Or a means of getting attention, earning respect, being affirmed, or a cause for praise that fluffs our self-esteem and quiets our insecurities.

We end up valuing everything in our life based upon what it means to others — rather than what it means to us.” – Matthew Warner

+ I heard this song for the first time last week at a Revelation Wellness bootcamp class I’m taking, and loved it.