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6360230533_a999eaaf6e_zJust read this post over at The Catholic Wife, by Katie Sciba, and loved it.

It’s her story of how her husband was the face of mercy to her in a time when she was weighed down by the sins of her past.

But to her husband, those sins stayed in the past. And can you imagine how liberating that must be?

Just like God doesn’t remind us of our sins or hold on to them once we’ve committed them and after we’ve confessed them, her husband didn’t remind her of hers — or tell her that they were unacceptable pieces of her, or tell her that he couldn’t possibly love her because of whatever she had done in the past.

He asked her if she had gone to confession.

She said yes.

And then he said, “Then you don’t need to tell me. Forgive yourself. I love you.”

How beautiful is that?

I’m sure those are the same words God is whispering to us through the Sacrament of Penance. We enter into the confessional with some darkness, with some weight and heaviness, and we leave with His love, His mercy and His forgiveness.

The same should be true about whenever we enter into a conversation with our husbands, or when they enter into one with us.

We should be the face of God’s mercy for our husbands, forgiving them, making sure they are doing what they can to please God, encouraging them to go to confession, and reminding them that they are more than their sins and their past.

Our sins can be like shackles, but it’s possible to break free of them if we imitate Jesus Christ’s love.

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photo credit: John Hope Photography