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saintfrancisThis blog post is a list (I love lists!) of 10 things lay people can do to help God & the Church. There’s also a list of 10 things Priests can do — but I only skimmed that part 🙂

This last point stood out to me!

“10) Use the media, blogs, magazines, anything you can to share your traditional Catholic faith. Even if your blog only saves one soul, it was more than well worth all your sacrifices and time you put into it. One eternal soul is worth more than all of creation.”

You never know the impact of something you might share on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram… So share what you can, while you can about our Catholic faith & the joy and Good News that it brings!

And if it upsets someone or disagrees with them, that’s okay — do not lose your inner peace!

Read the other things you can do to help God & the Church here.