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rsz_bigday1Wedding Season will be here before you know it!

The wedding Mass is clearly the most important part of the day, as you receive the sacrament of marriage — and as you administer the sacrament to your spouse, too — by the way, did you know that? The couple getting married administer the sacrament of Matrimony to each other! How cool is that?!

Aside from the Mass, there are actually a lot of other beautiful ways you can incorporate your Catholic faith into your big day — it doesn’t have to begin and end with the Mass! There is such a thing as a Catholic reception!

Here’s a great list of some ideas of how incorporate your faith on your big day. 

My favorite would be #2 — maybe because it’s what my husband and I did leading up to our wedding day — and I loved it:

“Start a prayer leading up to the wedding date (such as a dedication to Mary, or a novena to a special Saint) with your future spouse. Say the last prayer together on opposite sides of the confessional (behind the screen) before the ceremony begins.”

My husband and I prayed the Novena for Marriage and Family leading up to our wedding on September 8th (2012) — the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I loved that the last week of our lives before we became one was spent uniting in prayer — a practice I cannot recommend more!

If you do something like this, it can be as intimate as something you just do with your fiance or spouse, or you can even invite friends and family, maybe the bridal party, to be a part of it as well — as they will also be a great part of your married life together.

And what’s that saying?

A family that prays together stays together?

It’s true 🙂

Since my husband and I were married, we’ve prayed the Novena for Marriage and Family each year leading up to our anniversary. Doing this each year has been such a good reminder of the foundation of our marriage — prayer, faith, and our unity in both.

That’s about as romantic as you can get, if you ask me!