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1. “Charity keeps me washing the dishes, balancing the checkbook, sacrificing my own personal happiness at various moments for the sake of my wife. Charity allows my marriage to be a vocation that I live and not just a choice of roommate. It rekindles my affection, friendship, and romance with Meghan. And ultimately it makes me want to get up, brew another pot of coffee and share this whole conversation with her. Not a bad meditation for a morning’s cup of sludge.” – Zachary Krueger

p.s. Here’s an opportunity to be charitable in one of my favorite ways — in the way that brings a family together.

2. When God Asks Us to Do Ordinary Things

3. “The pediatrician gave me words that I so needed to hear at that moment and would come to really shape our outlook. He told me that Our Lord is doing a beautiful thing in asking us to trust Him over and over again. What a gift that no one in this world can help us; we can do nothing but rely on the Divine Healer. His words have become something that we have meditated on over and over again. What does it really mean to trust in God and hand over our family to Him? What does it look like to radically surrender completely to God?… For our family, being open to life means also being open to pain, suffering, and to death; but, really, it means that for everyone, just in different ways.” – Morgan

4. “The reason we love these royal weddings is because they remind us of what we’re called to be: daughters of the King married to the Prince of Peace who looks past all our flaws and sees only radiant beauty. The next time you go to Mass, imagine Jesus looking at you, with your bald spot and your stretch marks and your temper and your shame, and saying, “You look amazing. I’m so lucky.” Because he does. He delights in you. More than any mere man has ever loved a woman, he loves you.” Meg Hunter-Kilmer

5. “Where is Jesus when a Child Dies?” “Where, then, was God? Was He an absentee father? Was He off the job that weekend, or actively cruel to these people who had trusted Him? No, quite the opposite. He was right there in the center of it. His voice was louder in an earthly dad’s quiet strength at an undesired podium than a hundred Sinais. His face, more visible in the love radiating from a heartbroken family and the hope with which they mourned than in a thousand tales of healing or longer life. Our hope is not life without trial; it is life without end. Life of the Resurrection. Without this hope, we are, as Paul declares, “of all people most to be pitied”. But Frank will not have your pity. At most, he will accept your sympathy, but not as the final word; be assured you’ll be told the same answer I saw him give time after time to countless individuals, whether lost or saved, to both loved ones and strangers: “Christ is risen.” – Ragan Ewing

6.  “We can’t bear our children’s wounds for them; we can only support them, teach them to be good, and give them an example of patient, even joyful, suffering through the hardships we face ourselves. Although I may be tempted to wish away my unborn child’s trials, I hope instead to have the strength to help my child endure them as they come.” – Kathleen Torrey

7. “We need to move past this fatalistic attitude we have that says a life with a disability is tragic and hopeless. We need to get over the idea that a handicapped baby is better off dead. We’ve had handicapped presidents, for God’s sake. We’ve had handicapped Olympic medalists. One of the most sought-after motivational speakers on the planet has neither arms nor legs, and I’ll bet you a hundred bucks he’s smarter and more physically active than I am. For the love of God, one of the most poetic and well-written books in existence was written by a man who could only blink his left eye… When we say as long as it’s healthy!, we’re negating all the unlimited potential we have as human beings. We don’t need to be “healthy” to be heroic. And we shouldn’t need to be able-bodied to be considered human beings.” – Sarah Watts

8. “One of the mistakes we often make is in comparing ourselves to other people. We can focus too much on the gifts that other people possess rather than accepting our own. It is a mark of the maturing soul to be able to admit that we lack an ability or gift in a certain area. This does not mean we are less of a person, rather, it means that God has a different path He wants us to walk that differs from our neighbor’s.” – Constance Hull

9. Quotes about Homemaking and Motherhood from the Saints

10. “Nothing God allows to happen to us is unnecessary and nothing He withholds is necessary.” – Sr. Miriam James