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6442136437_c0201c492c_zWhen you speak to your spouse, it’s not a no holds barred situation…

What you say matters, and words can hurt.

It can be especially easy to hurt each other when you don’t agree on something, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk it through — because you absolutely should.

So here’s a great tip for how to speak to your husband when you may not be seeing eye to eye:

Speak through a filter.

“My two favorite acronyms are AEOD. (Accept Each Other’s Differences) and NJLG: No Judgment.  Love.  Grace.  When speaking with your spouse, applying this filter to your mouth can go a long way.  If the words travel through a filter of NJLG –meaning, if you ask yourself, “Are these words seasoned with grace?  Are they without judgment and are they sprinkled with love?” it will be hard for you to ever say something to your spouse lacking respect. ”

Give it a try! You can read other tips like that one here.

photo credit: John Hope