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1. I woke up this morning and scrolled through Facebook really quickly and saw that Blessed Is She shared a devotional called, “Wishing to be Seen, Known and Loved,” and mentally tried to remind myself to find that after I actually got out of bed to read — because that topic is right up my alley. The joke’s on me though because I actually wrote it, 😂 and of course I did — seeing, knowing and loving (and being seen, known and loved)… It feels like there’s nothing greater than this at times — this which calls us to be present, to be authentic, and to choose “the better part” (like Mary). ❤️ You can read the full devo here.

2.. “Never forget, each day is a chance to love your spouse better. They may not seem like they deserve it and you may not feel like loving them well. The temptation to walk away may be great, but this is where the vows show up.  We can only change ourselves and that’s where it starts. Better yourself because you love them. Don’t wait for them to change, just start yourself. They may not come along with you right away, but that’s okay. Become better not because you want them to change but because you will become more who God created you to be.  Even if it’s hard, say a prayer of thanks to God for them each day…” – Amy, Catholic Pilgrim

3. “For some of us, the sacrifice is excess weight we never wanted to gain and struggle mightily to lose. For others it might be a flaring autoimmune disease, an injury, a tragic loss, the burden of infertility. Motherhood is costly, at any rate, and none of us can predict the cost ahead of time…” – Jenny Uebbing, Mama Needs Coffee

4. “It’s okay to be honest with yourself even if that means to not feel okay. Because at each and every low and high we are met with magnificent, bewildering, unmerited, and unending Grace. And Grace will forever and always, make everything okay, when we cannot.” – Brick House in the City

5. How To Be A Spiritual Mother Whether You Have Kids or Not: “The world needs women in this role just as much as it needs biological mothers.”

6. 2018 Catholic Minimalism Challenge with Sterling Jacquith 

7. “…at times in our lives we will have to walk through seasons that are filled with grief and disappointment and pain and fear and suffering. Seasons that feel never ending. And we may look around and see nothing that would give us any reason to believe that our suffering is about to abate. And the weight of that hopelessness may feel unbearable. And in those moments, there is one thing to which we can cling and that is the knowledge that God is on his way, coming to bring us new life.” – Hallie Lord

8. Just placed an order for my absolute favorite planner❤️ 🙌👌❤️ I can’t tell you how helpful it has been. Have you used a BIS planner before? I love that it reminds me of all the feast days throughout the year. You can purchase one here.

9.  “When the Burden is Beyond My Strength:” St. Faustina has been one of my favorite saints, and her diary, one of my favorite books too. She suffered so much. Over the years, I related to this. But she offered her suffering to God, uniting herself to Jesus on the cross, to atone for the sins of others. She was to be God’s secretary and messenger of God’s mercy. And she was supposed to encourage others to trust in Him, like she trusted in Him, so they could prepare for when He would come again. And so these excerpts from her diary really stick out to me today… because I suffer with suffering, and because I know this is a huge part of the cross we all carry (none of us are immune to this), and she even tells us what we can do with when our burdens are beyond our strength. I hope they help you today. Stay strong & faithful, friends! Jesus does not allow anything to happen to us that could not possibly bring us closer to Him.

10. Detaching from Outcomes

11. When it feels like I don’t have anything left for my husband