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Here’s a short list of this week’s must-reads…

1.  To start with, I post a weekly Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter over on Patreon that includes a couple recipes to try (we mostly eat a Paleo diet and the recipes are tried & true!), a prayer tip for the week with saint quotes (it’s usually based off of Mass readings and homilies we hear), and links to budget-friendly home decor & fashion finds. You can sign up here to get the newsletter every week.

–> Here’s a peak at one of my past newsletters, so you can get an idea for what those look like and what I include in them. <–

By signing up, you’ll also get access to a secret Facebook group for Catholic women. I’m the moderator there, and every week, we share our prayer intentions, how we see God working in our lives – and also how we wish He were showing up in times when we’re feeling a little lost, and whatever else is on our hearts and minds. I’d love to see you there! Here’s how you can join. 

If you do join, you’ll also get a handful of printable Christmas gift tags you can use while wrapping your gifts this year!






2. The online Pray More Advent Retreat I produced is now available! Last week I shared one of the full talks from the retreat here, about knowing & doing the will of the Father. Here’s another talk from the retreat that I love, about St. Joseph and about what we can learn from him. It’s a good perspective to reflect on during a season when we tend to focus more on our Blessed Mother (with good reason, of course!).

3. “We are called to look upon our spouses with the same eyes God does; to recognize his goodness and talents. To forgive when mistakes have been made and allow for the situation to sanctify you both.” – Larabeth Miller, Associate Editor, Spoken Bride

4. How to have fantastic date nights – at home

5. “Despite the name of both the poem and the holy day, in Levertov’s reading of the scene, the angel does not announce Mary’s fate. Rather, “This was the moment no one speaks of,  / when she could still refuse.” It is Mary’s free will, her “consent, / courage unparalleled, / [that] opened her utterly.”

“Levertov’s re-visioning of this scene which is so central to Catholic theology changed my relationship with Mary. Suddenly, I could see agency in Mary’s “yes.” She was not a meek and mild woman to whom this happened; she was strong and courageous, and she accepted God’s will, despite the pain and hardship and burden that came with it. She chose her life… By illustrating Mary’s free will, Levertov emphasizes the power and beauty of her gift to us.” – Theresa Woodhouse

6. Why I Don’t (and Won’t) Use Contraception

7.  “I am not my own, I have given myself entirely to Jesus Christ; He must be my only love.” — St. Kateri Tekakwitha

8. A reflection on the titles of Jesus: “Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace”

Isaiah 9:6: the Titles of Jesus — Advent 2017

9. “God has chosen you to be born at this particular time in history. You are made in His image, and you matter to Him. God loves you.”  

10. “Almighty God is deeply invested in you.”Sr. Mary Gabriel, SV