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This week’s reads:

+ “Courage fills the gap in the journey from fear to love, but ultimately love conquers fear.” (Chris Ackerman, @lifeteen )❤️ I don’t want to let my fears keep me from living a beautiful life. When I feel like they are, I run towards the things that I know can help overcome them. 🏃‍♀️The things that I know extinguish fear for me are: the Eucharist (and the tabernacle — and especially when its door is open during Mass), specific verses in Scripture and poetry and essays, a warm hug from someone who cares, an uplifting & encouraging text, the Memorare, being outside (and beautiful weather), and intimate relationships with my friends & family that involve curiosity, deep understanding and empathy. 💕 Love is sort of the common thread, ya know? What extinguishes fear for you? 

+ One thing I’ve learned in the last few years is that if you feed people (and I mean in any manner: if you’re a wife, a mom, if you’re literally feeding people at a restaurant, or if you’re ministering to them in a Bible Study, or through the work you do, etc.), then you also have to be fed. What feeds you? What fills your cup so that you can pour into another?

+ “Satan lives in our secrets… What we don’t confess, he owns.”

+ “It doesn’t matter where you are. Where your heart is at, where there is victory, where there is struggle. Right now, He’s calling you to worship.” – Anne Marie Schlueter

+ “What a gift it is to be able to hear. These days, in the morning, I hear the birds singing. What a welcome sign of spring. Their singing and my hearing remind me that it is a gift to be able to hear but I must also listen. Listening lets me recognize the sound of the birds in my ears. Listening lets me recognize the pulse of God’s promptings in my heart. Listening to God’s promptings leads me to greater faith and belief in His love and care for me.” – Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception

+ An Infertility Treatment That Works Without Breaking the Bank

+ What does it mean to wait on the Lord? “So next time you’re wondering, or thinking I need to wait upon the Lord on an answer or something. Remember it’s not about waiting around for this huge revelation to hit you. It’s about being proactive in our relationship with him. It’s about intimacy…”

+ Marriage in the Trenches: “Jenny,” he said to me, “you are not your illness, and the cross that you carry only makes you more beautiful to me. JPII spoke of illness this way, reminding us that “a person is not their disease, and must never be reduced to this.”