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And all of a sudden, it’s Monday… ♥
Today’s Responsorial Psalm is: “The Lord takes delight in his people.”
This is such a good Monday morning reminder for us. God, our Father, doesn’t just love us. He doesn’t just tolerate us… but He also takes delight in us.
We (can) bring Him joy. We (can) bring Him happiness. And pleasure — the way a small baby does for so many of us…
We are God’s children.
Without doing anything. Without needing to accomplish anything today or this week.

Our identity doesn’t change by those conditions.

God loves us regardless of those things — He loved us into our being, and all we have to do today is be. Be with Him. Carry Him with us. And give Him to our loved ones. 

So even though our day of rest, Sunday, is behind us… I think we should still allow some rest to come into our every day and into this Monday — a time that we can sit with our Father, a time that we can bring Him joy, a time that we can get to know Him better…
God, our Father in Heaven, Thank you for another day. Thank you for all the blessings that exist in my life right now, especially _____________ . I ask that You help me to accept Your unconditional love, to feel it, to let it wash over me this week. Help me to know who I am to You. Help me to feel Your peace — the peace that I can only receive by seeking You. I ask this through your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.