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Before The Pray More (online) Healing Retreat officially begins on Monday, I wanted to share with you one of the talks that I thought was so necessary & so needed… this is Healing the Father Wound by Maura Preszler of Made in His Image.

Pope Francis says that the Father Wound is the most universal wound in our world, and Maura explains it here:

God designed a father as head of the household; He designed a father to specifically answer certain questions that are innate in a little girl and a little boy. And the questions that a little girl asks internally, and she’s seeking attention from her father are: “Do you delight in me? Do you find me beautiful? Am I enough? Do I have what it takes? Am I worthy of love?

And a little boy asks the questions: “Do you delight in me? Do I have what it takes? Am I strong? Am I courageous? Will I be good enough?”

And when a father does not answer these questions, when he does not appropriately show a little girl and a little boy affection, and love, and encouragement, and admiration, and validate their feelings and emotions, these children are left with a question mark over their head. They are left trying to find those answers on their own, and oftentimes this results in addiction, disorders, alcoholism, depression, pornography, addictions. And it’s the way God created the bonds between a father and a daughter, and a father and a son: to affirm them, to show them God the Father’s love…”

This is Maura’s story with suggestions about how to heal the Father Wound, how to discover your dignity, and how to receive God’s love as His treasured daughter or son:

God delights in you. He finds you beautiful. You are enough. You have what it takes, and you are worthy of love.

You can sign up for the rest of the Pray More Healing Retreat talks here.