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St Therese of LisieuxI’ve done my fair share of reading about Purgatory, and I’ve read enough to know that I would be glad to be in Purgatory, but ideally, I would like to go straight to Heaven… wouldn’t we all? 🙂

Well, apparently we can. And it sounds a whole lot more achievable than I ever thought…

“The quick way to holiness, the easy way to go straight to Heaven, was to abandon oneself totally to God as a child entrusts himself fully to his father. The Little Way of Spiritual Childhood was born.”

How can we have true trust?

By working tirelessly to conquer our sins and attachments.

Okay, that sounds easier said than done…

“But (Therese) knew that some habits of sin and weakness are so deeply ingrained that God Himself must free us from them. She had experienced such a miracle herself. On Christmas Eve, shortly before her fourteenth birthday, God had removed the psychological weakness that had held her bound for a decade. Therese believed that God would perform similar miracles for those who completely trust Him. We do not have to despair when we seem to make no headway against sin, despite our efforts. We can trust that in God’s time–which may be our last moment of life on earth–He will relieve our burdens. What we cannot do for ourselves, He will delight to do for us. But only if we trust Him.”

photo credit: Mr. Leeds