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“Well, everybody’s broken and in need of healing,” my father-in-law said to me this weekend while he sat across a picnic table from me at my niece’s birthday party.

And he’s right.

Not everybody suffers from the same thing, but everybody suffers. Whether it’s sin, illness, finances, abuse, loss, grief, addiction, disordered desires… we live in a broken world and we are broken people.

But this world is our ship and not our home, and Jesus isn’t repelled by our brokenness. Quite the opposite, actually; we see in many accounts in the Bible that He comes even closer to that which is broken and those who are struggling or troubled.

Jesus is close to the broken(hearted).

That’s what I’ve learned most about my cross: that He can use it as a tool to bring me closer to Him in my brokenness, if I let Him.

Sometimes healing doesn’t happen in the way that I hope and pray for, but Jesus *does* want us to be healed, and healing is possible with Christ — particularly the healing of our hearts and souls. That’s why I’ve been busy the last few months putting together our next online retreat — to help strengthen your faith and hope in whatever situation or circumstance you’re in, and to bring you closer to the Lord, our Divine Healer.

It’s called The Pray More Healing Retreat. It’s all online and all of the materials will be available beginning on August 6th. We have six speakers and 20 talks on suffering, healing, and growing closer to God through those circumstances.

I look at the season of Fall as the beginning of a new year — the crisp air usually refreshes my mind and makes me believe that healing can happen — that things can change. So as Summer begins to wind down, I thought this would be a perfect way to transition into a new season.

Some of the topics being covered in the retreat are:

+ learning about what God might be trying to communicate through our suffering

+ what to do when God is silent and we’re suffering

+ how to heal, and in particular how to heal from specific things like anxiety, abuse, loss, and divorce

+ healing the Father wound and being able to receive God’s love as His treasured daughter

+ testimonies about God’s faithfulness and generosity during dark times

+ the story of an alleged miracle related to the intercession of Bl. Fulton Sheen

We’re diving into Scripture, into lives of the Saints and of Jesus, and personal testimonies, to learn how we can grow closer to Him and receive the healing He wants for us — specifically for our hearts and souls. You can participate in this retreat at your own pace – wherever you are & whenever you have the time!

You can join me for the retreat by signing up here:

The Pray More Healing Retreat

“The Church is the traveller’s inn where the wounded are healed.”

— St. Augustine