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medium_9257350442I know some people who think they can have it all – maybe fame, fortune, a great family life and lots of leisure.

I’ve personally never really thought that, though.

I’ve seen what parents & families have to sacrifice in efforts to attain one of those goals — what they give up for their children to have a better life, a better education, a better home; what career opportunities they turn down so they can stay close to their families; what promotions they don’t take because they don’t want to move their family across the country; and what important family celebrations they miss out on because they’re working to afford a better life for their family.

It seems to me that we’re always trading one thing for another… making a balancing act of it all.

If we try to have it all, I think something is bound to suffer.

That’s why this blog post resonated with me.

“Our resources are finite. We can’t have it all and we can’t do it all. Everyday, we trade our lives for something.

“When I became minimalist:

I found more time for the things that I love.
I found more money for things of true worth.
I found more energy for things of lasting value.
I found more focus for things that brought real meaning.
I found more opportunity to pursue my greatest potential.
Intentionally or unintentionally, we are all minimizing something. I just chose to minimize the physical possessions that were not adding any lasting value to my life.”

Read more here.

So if that’s true — which I think it is, that we’re always trading our lives for something, it certainly makes me think — what am I doing with my time, my energy, my focus? Am I giving them to the right things, to what I value the most?