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medium_337656942The Saints I look up to the most are the ones who succeeded in areas where I fall short…

Like St. Anne, for instance, who had incredible patience.

St. Joan of Arc, who was brave and had impeccable trust in God’s will.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, who gave her life for her baby.

St. Therese, who, even though she suffered greatly, gave it all to God.

These saints are incredible examples of how I want to live my life. They continuously inspire me.

A part of me has wondered throughout the years, though, whether I could be anything (anything!) like them at all… whether I could live up to their example.

I’ve thought — I’ll never be like St. Gianna, I’m so selfish, or I’ll never be like St. Anne, I’m way too impatient. I feel like I’ll never be like these saints… because, well, I never will be Gianna or Anne, or Therese… I’m Annie, and I have my own unique gifts and talents that Jesus gave me to use for Him, and for my sanctity.

Sam Guzman over at Catholic Gentlemen wrote, “It is good and right to allow the saints to inspire us to greater holiness. We must simply be careful that we seek above all to imitate Christ, as it is to him that the saints ultimately point us, like sign posts along the road. And above all, we must learn to be content with who we are, cultivating the unique gifts that the good God has given us in his abundant love.”

I like something else Guzman pointed out — a quote by St. Francis de Sales. “Be who you are, and be that well.”

You and I, we may never be like some of our favorite saints. We are all so very different. That can even be said about the saints! There are no two that are alike.

But perhaps the qualities that makes us so different may be what God wants us to use, even more, to bring Him into this world, and to proclaim His message. 

photo credit: gadl