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medium_8038050419My husband is five years older than I am, so in the past few years, we’ve attended a lot of his friend’s weddings. This year, we attended one of the first weddings for one of my friends — things are a’changin’!

So as more of my good friends start to get married, I’ve been thinking of what I would want them all to know about marriage before they get married — or, more accurately, what I would suggest they do before they get married to prepare for the sacrament and to create a strong foundation for their marriage.

Here’s a really incredible, succinct list: Five Ways to Foster Holy Matrimony.

One of the suggestions is to attend the Engaged Encounter Retreat. This is something I’ve written about before (here), and it’s something I can’t recommend enough. I love what that weekend did for my husband and I; it gave us a place, a space and the time to have guided discussions about our marriage. It’s easy to get lost in the wedding plans and forget to discuss what your marriage, after you say I do, will look like — but this retreat can give couples a good starting point of what to discuss before walking down the aisle, and tools you can use so you can communicate better now and years down the road.

Another suggestion I love — for anyone, not just couples discerning marriage or already married — is general confession. It is incredible what confession can do for you and for your relationships; it helps overcome vices, and I don’t know of another vocation that so clearly shows you what your vices are, other than marriage… I could be wrong, though. But, going to confession allows Christ to reign better within us — and when He can do that, He can reign better within our relationships, and essentially, this is what allows us to build the Kingdom of God. So, get on it and go to confession! 🙂

You can read more about the Five Ways to Foster Holy Matrimony here.

photo credit: Jim Bauer