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medium_8388567961“When it comes to health, there is a huge emotional component to it that no one likes to talk about… The faster you move away from any thoughts about shame, blame and pity for being sick to thoughts of blessings, small joys and gratitude that you can do something about it, the faster you will get better. Look, going from anger to gratitude isn’t something I was really even capable of a year ago but I’m finding now it’s very much like a muscle. Practice. Do it more, flex it more, and the transition can happen much faster.”

I love this.

I’ve been practicing this lately — keeping a small notebook of some of the things I’m grateful for.

Studies actually show that if you keep note of some of the things you’re grateful for, you will be happier — even if circumstances & situations, which normally bring you down, don’t change.

Read more about how gratitude can help your health here.

photo credit: Mary Brack ~ www.mewithmyheadintheclouds.blogspot.