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There are a lot of awesome Catholic women websites — it’s really not hard to find them! I’ve discovered many of them through Instagram and Facebook. Some of my favorites are:

+ Blessed is She + Endow + FemCatholic + The Given Institute +

+ Spoken Bride + The Vows Project + Made in His Image +

+ Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter +

I love to connect with other Catholic women online and to feel supported in my vocation and in striving for holiness through them and the work they share online.

I know our husbands could use the same encouragement and support, so I thought I’d share a list of websites I’d recommend for them:

+ Man After God + The Catholic Gentleman + Those Catholic Men

+ Jon Leonetti + Behold the Man + Norbertine’s of St. Michael’s Abbey +

+ The Basic Catholic + The Hussey Brothers + Fr. Kyle Manno + i.d. 916 +

Hope this list is helpful for your hubby!