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I think one of the biggest questions when it comes to our faith is how it can grow… especially in times of trials & tribulations.

When we’re afraid, how can we have greater faith? There really isn’t room for them both in our hearts.

So I was reading some advice about this a few months ago, and someone suggested praying for an increase in faith.

So I have.

And I think it is a really great place to start.

Because a few months later, I really feel like God is answering this prayer, and helping me to overcome fear every day. Slowly and in small steps, but surely.

This is going to sound funny, but one of the places in our home that I tend to do some good, serious praying is in the shower 🙂 It’s quiet there, and there really aren’t any other distractions. That’s when I think a lot, and that’s when I think about what I need to ask God for that day…

So I wrote a prayer asking God to help me overcome fear, and I posted it on the tile wall in our shower. And I’ve tried my best to pray it every day while I’m in there.

And like I said, I feel like God is answering this prayer, so I just wanted to share it with you — in case you need some help moving from fear to faith, too.