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Here’s a short list I’ve put together for you — things that I hope will help you in the new year! Let’s give it to God and make it golden. ✨

I want to spend more time in prayer in the new year, and if you want to do the same, one way you can do that is by join us in praying a novena every month over at Pray More Novenas. If you sign up, we’ll send you the daily novena prayers. We’re praying together with more than 450,000 people around the world!

You could also consider signing up for the Blessed is She daily devotionals; these basically are to complement the daily Mass readings. I’m a writer for Blessed is She, so you’ll get a reflection from me every once in a while 🙂 I love the devotionals and I especially like that they motivate you to read the daily Mass readings. If it’s not a habit you already have, it’s a great one to try and incorporate into your daily routine. More of God’s word = knowing Him better = living out His will more often; my kinda thing.

If you want to feel solidarity from other Catholic women, to not feel alone in your experiences, I highly recommend following and reading everything posted by The Catholic Woman. I’ve shared so many of their posts throughout the last year; it’s a powerful ministry!

If you’re looking for hope and healing, I recommend following Made in His Image.

If you’re doing the work to heal from past traumas of any sort (big or small), and to feel whole, Aundi Kolber is the one to follow.

While you’re on instagram, come follow me!

If you want to grow closer to your husband, but don’t know what sort of conversations to have to get there, this is the place for you.

If you want to waste less this year and shop more second-hand, this is my favorite way to do that.

If you need help shopping for something — clothes, putting together a wardrobe that flatters you — and that you’ll wear, or if you’re looking for something for your home or to re-do an entire space, don’t forget about this new service I’m offering.

Lastly, if you’re going to give the Whole30 a try, this is one of my favorite places to pick up Paleo recipes.