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Monday Morning Reminder (7)I’ve been doing some very ordinary things lately, some very mundane things.

My husband has been really sick this last week, so I’ve been doing everything I normally do with our ministry and in our home. And, I’ve been trying to also do most of the things that he normally does — except take the trash to the curb, because even a sicko can do that 😉

And it’s been hard.

I’ve complained a little bit.

I haven’t exactly been joyfully carrying out all of these tasks the way I feel I should be, or the way I think God would like me to do.

It’s easy to feel like these things — cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, paying bills, keeping things in order — are sometimes just too ordinary.

It’s easy to feel like those things are not the things I was called to be doing every single week.

Because if I’m being honest, I may have been thinking to myself that God had bigger plans for me.

And to keep going with that honesty, I may sometimes even think that I’m missing out on what those bigger plans are… because I’m busy doing these ordinary things.

I know I’m not the only one feeling these things. A lot of my friends have shared with me that they feel similarly. And that’s what lets me feel like I can tell you about it. Because maybe you’re feeling like that, too. And if you are, I wanna be feeling this together. And walking through it together.

I recently read this reflection over at Blessed is She by Mary Lenaburg, and the last few words that she wrote really stood out to me. She said, “Sacrificing yourself is the most heroic way to love.”

I’ve gotta be honest when I say I really haven’t been sacrificing myself all that much this last week.

God hasn’t asked too much of me.

I’ve just been too wrapped up in what I want, and thinking about myself and my own happiness, to joyfully, unconditionally, and lovingly say, “Yes,” to the things God is asking of me right now.

And He’s just been asking me to take care of my husband while he’s sick.

I mean, there are a few other things He’s been asking of me (more on that later this week!), but… it’s not all that much for me right now — it’s not too much, and this is exactly what I signed up for when we got married.

But these ordinary things can make me feel small… and I used to want to feel big. (Sometimes I still do).

Our culture encourages that sort of attitude, don’t you think?

American Philosopher Donald Davidson has said, “Our culture places an absolute premium on various kinds of stardom. This degrades and impoverishes ordinary life, ordinary work, ordinary experience.”

Isn’t that so true? Our culture and society do make me feel like an ordinary life isn’t an extraordinary one.

But then I go back to Mary’s words, and I realize that it’s in making ourselves small, by sacrificing ourselves, that we can live a most extraordinary, heroic life. A sanctifying life.

Because that’s following Jesus Christ.

That’s living how He lived, and loving how He loves.

We don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. We don’t have to do anything particularly magnificent. We just have to humble ourselves and serve those closest to us, and do that out of our love for God, and of course, for them.

This sentiment makes me think of this line in 1 Corinthians: “There are different forms of service but the same Lord.”

There are also different ways of serving the Lord, but it’s all the same to Him when we love, when we sacrifice, when we humble ourselves.

So I’m rolling with the ordinary things this week. I’m going to accept ’em, and try to embrace ’em.

Will you join me?

As Suzanne says here on my facebook page, “Sanctity or you, either way you choose.” 😉