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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ Corpus Christi: “Love wants to be near the one it loves.”

+ “Let us ask the Holy Spirit together to reawaken in each of us the expectant waiting, the desire for Him.”— Juliàn Carròn

+ “Collaborating with the Holy Spirit requires a relinquishing of control. This partnership is an invitation to let God be in the driver’s seat, abandoning our agenda for His agenda in any given moment. It means allowing Him to lead with a divine wisdom that at times may even defy human wisdom, and allowing space for Him to move in power, even if it interrupts our previously made plans.⠀
“This looks like taking some risks and allowing room for surprises in our day — ministering to someone who is hurting, praying for a stranger, giving spontaneously in generosity… These things may be intimidating and they may be inconvenient. And things may even get a little messy. But when we let God lead, it means that at any moment, the people around us could have a life-changing encounter with His power & love. Our surrender could bring someone the breakthrough that they’ve been waiting for.” — Catholic Revival Ministries

+ “Each of us can discover in Joseph–the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence–an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of trouble. Saint Joseph reminds us that those who appear hidden or in the shadows can play an incomparable role in the history of salvation.” – Pope Francis

+ “In the introduction to Whisper, I ask: “What if the ultimate goal in life is not so much to find God, but to find out that he is right here? What if we don’t need to seek God so much as we need to stop, open our eyes, open our hearts, and allow ourselves to be found?” This book is me sharing some of my own God-whisper stories in the hopes of encouraging you to see and hear your own. Will you join me?” — Danielle Bean

+ “Do not be ashamed to have wounds. Even Christ, after the resurrection, still bore the wounds of his suffering.” — Tim Lucchesi

+ “If I could go back to that newlywed bride, I would tell her to expect the hard. I would tell her that marriage isn’t the fix-it shop. I would tell her that children are a gift, not a right. And I would tell her that God would never, ever EVER abandon her.” — Ginnie Sutton

+ “Beauty matters. But make no mistake, beauty in the home can exist without perfection. I’ve been thinking a lot about this space and participating in conversations brought about by @bonnieengstrom and @paigerien . When it comes to posting about our homes, maybe modesty should matter. Is it possible to be seduced by another woman’s newly renovated house? Can we be tempted to covet another’s home as we forget to be grateful for our own?

“When it was only home magazines that showed perfect living spaces it was easier to write them off as unachievable perfection. But now….we have real life people sharing their real life homes. And that can bring out some insecurities or stir up envy in those who are viewing such posts. So, that’s why I’m reflecting on what I post to this account. My original intention of this account was to ENCOURAGE others to find budget friendly ways to beautify their space while making it their own…” — Courtney

+ “God doesn’t call us to succeed; He simply asks us to say yes. That’s the truth I am praying for the courage to accept. The short-term outcome of the call of John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, and countless after them was failure. Many never lived to see the fruit of their labor. But the cross of Christ challenges us to walk through failure and humiliation with obedience and unflinching focus on Jesus, trusting that God’s glory is always success enough.” – Sharon H Miller

+ Lastly, here’s what’s featured in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life NewsletterI share these every Monday and they always include: two gluten-free recipes, a reflection & prayer based on Sunday’s Mass readings, and links to budget-friendly fashion & catholic home decor.

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