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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Young love is about passion, romance, expectations, ideals. Seasoned love is about decades of growing, being humble and grateful, building a legacy on day at a time. As my wonderful Clay willingly serves me, puts on my socks because I can’t bend over, I am humbled and grateful. There is a quiet acceptance, a resolve to keep serving, partnering through seasons. ..” — Sally Clarkson

+ “Jesus spent his life on earth focused on loving and serving other people. So much so that he wound up beaten, tortured, and bleeding on a cross, pouring out every last bit of himself for the love of others. Every one of us, male and female, is called to imitate that kind of self gift—loving and serving others, even at the expense of ourselves.

“Of course moms can do other things besides care for our families, even important other things that might pay the bills, improve the world, and bring us a sense of fulfillment. But let’s not do other things in ways that deny the fact that for those of us who are mothers, our husbands and our children are our vocation. We are called to sacrificially love and serve them. No one should ever dismiss the value and importance of focusing on doing exactly that, and doing it well.” — Danielle Bean

+ Polish Priest Beatified this weekend: “Imprisoned for three years (1953-1956) by the communist regime, (Stefan Wyszyński) emerged a cultural colossus who conducted a nationwide “Great Novena,” nine years of spiritual, cultural and social preparation for the 1,000th anniversary of the baptism of Poland in 966. The Great Novena revealed the true character of the Polish nation, notwithstanding its communist regime.”Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński: “Martyrdom is undoubtedly an honorable thing, but God leads His Church not only along an extraordinary way, that of martyrdom, but also along an ordinary way, that of apostolic work. Indeed, I was of the opinion that the modern world needed another kind of martyrdom — the martyrdom of work, not of blood.

+ “The Catholic Church has always taught both/and. Faith and works together. That’s how you show God your love. That’s how you witness to others. That’s how you grow your faith and make it come alive.” — Amy, Catholic Pilgrim

+ “I began to see that the Lord Jesus … loves to heal and wants to heal, even miraculously, far more often than we think.” — Dr. Mary Healey

+ Our Lady of Sorrows: How to Comfort the Blessed Mother

+ “Can I tell you something? God is GOOD with what we must drop, delegate, or decrease so that we can increase our awareness of Him in the present. He was never impressed by our capacity- it’s always been His Spirit inside of us.. His pace is peace. It’s okay to feel a little flustered or frustrated while remembering our dependence. He’s good with where we are at; the question is, are we? Eyes on Jesus. He will help us in the today and He knows tomorrow. It will all be okay with Him.” — Cleerely Stated

+ “The Church has such great care for the Sacrament of Marriage and calls it ‘great sacrament’–for it is truly the image of the union of Christ with His Church... To be sure, there are truly moments of crucifixion, moments of pain–but there is ever that profound peace of joy, because Christian life is lived as a celebration, like the nuptial union of Christ with the Church.”– Pope Francis

+ I’ve been working from home for eight years now — and I can’t believe that much time has passed, it goes so quickly — but one thing I’ve noticed in all this time is how the things we place in our home and the things we surround ourselves with can make an impact on our hearts, our attitudes and perspectives. The same can be true for our wardrobes — the clothes that we choose to wear at home or while we work.

And this is one big reason why I love to share what I share in my Monday newsletters — not to promote buying every pretty thing that we come across, but to share things that may be meaningful for you and your family, and that can become something in your home that uplifts and moves and inspires your hearts to look to Christ. And to share clothing items that may remind you of your dignity in your vocation — that will make you feel so comfortable in your own skin that you can better love and serve those around you.

Of course, it’s notable and important for me to acknowledge that none of these things are necessary. They are not the most important things by far — what we own, what’s in our home, what we’re wearing. They are just… accessories. But with intention, we can make these things have good meaning and good influence within our homes. That’s what I hope to instill when I share the things I do.❤️

So here’s the gist of these Monday Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletters — I’m sure you’ve heard it all before 😉 I share these every Monday and they always include: two gluten-free recipes, a reflection & prayer based on Sunday’s Mass readings (this week, it’s about following Jesus and making sure we’re always near and right behind Him), and links to budget-friendly fashion & home decor.

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And here are some pictures of what’s featured in this week’s newsletter — I especially love that Polish Madonna image of the Blessed Mother doing laundry with baby Jesus, and the Angelus painting too:

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