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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “We sit at the foot of Jesus. We do that before anything else.” (Revelation Wellness)

I wrote about this sentiment in my newsletter this week. It’s actually my 100th newsletter!! So I did something special that’s only available this week — scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the details 🙂

+ Why we pray our novenas for nine days leading up to a feast day, on the 10th day Did you know?? And the answer to the question: “What if I miss a day when I’m praying the novena?”

+ “Bloom where you are planted.” It’s taken me a long time to do this. And even now, I think it’s important for us to know — to accept — that we may not “bloom” in every season — and that’s okay, that’s natural. Some seasons, pieces of ourselves may become dormant. And after some time, those pieces may come back. We can grow, and we can change, and we can transform. We can bloom after seasons of dormancy. — read here

+ “Why was Jesus so free to love and speak the truth? Because He knew who He was. Breathe that in for one second. He knew who He was. Jesus lived His entire life from His true identity.” — Sr. Miriam

+ I saw that one day last week was National Daughter Day. 💕 I wrote a little bit about that here… I dream about having a daughter – I’d love to say “my girls” someday (or “my boys” 😍) — and in that desire to be a mom, though it’s good & riight, I can forget about — or not see as clearly — the beauty and blessings that exist in my life today, just as it is. Like being a daughter. And having a mom. And having a relationship with my mom. For which, I’m so grateful. And without which, I would have lost my mind last winter. Love you, Mom! See you on Facetime later today 😁

+ Saints who lost a child to miscarriage

+ “The time each one of us gives to personal prayer every day is a tremendous gift. However, it would be both foolish and naïve to think that our “spiritual life” consisted of only those few moments. God is waiting for us in our families, our work, our friendships, and wherever we find ourselves throughout the day. The question is, are we waiting for God in all the various areas of our life or have we convinced ourselves that God is merely another compartment of my life that I have to fit in? If so, then our experience of God will be severely limited, not because God doesn’t wish to reveal himself more deeply to us, but because we are not ready for a God who knows no limits.” — Fr. Jeremiah Shryock

+ How I did a little Fall decorating with Mary 🙂

 As always, here are a few pictures of what’s included in this week’s 
Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter

I share this newsletter every Monday and it always includes two gluten-free recipes, a reflection & prayer based on Sunday’s Mass Readings, and links to budget-friendly fashion & home decor.

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In addition to what I normally share in the newsletter, this week, to celebrate my 100th newsletter, I added a detailed list of makeup recommendations — only products I’ve tried & loved throughout the years. We’re talking: foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipliner, lipsticks, and lipglosses — application tools and tips. Like: how to keep your under-eye concealer from creasing & caking, and how to make your lipstick last longer after you apply it.

This makeup list will only be posted this week, so now’s the time to sign up for the newsletter if you’re interested in it! 🙂 You can do that here.

You can sign up for the newsletter here!