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14775965095_ab28482f9d_zYou know how a lot of people say they’re waiting for God — waiting for an answer to their prayer, for a sign, for clarity?  I’ve done it…

But here’s another perspective that I think is absolutely beautiful, by Mary Annthipie Bane over at

“Often we believe we are waiting on God but I’d like to suggest that it is God who is waiting for us.

“The prayer God is waiting for is our adoration and praise during the darkest hours of our hearts and minds and souls. He wants our utterances when the words will not come. He wants our trust and our faith and that when we are afraid we will trust in Him. He waits for us to count it all joy when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we are keeping our eyes on our Heavenly Father through our mindfulness of Christ and our Catholic faith.”

You can read the rest of Bane’s reflection here.

photo credit: John Hope Photography