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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “We often live with this illusion. With the impression that all would go better, we would like the things around us to change, that the circumstances would change. But this is often an error. It is not the exterior circumstances that must change; it is above all our hearts that must change.” — Fr. Jacques Philippe, Searching For and Maintaining Peace

+ “God is always at work. He’s always being God. He’s always “God-ing.” In other words, nothing is happening that he’s not aware of. Nothing is too broken for him to fix. Nothing is below his interest nor above his capacity, especially the things having to do with his beloved children, aka you and me. Let’s let God “God” our life, our desires, our loved ones, our anxieties, our world.” — The Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

+ “On the lips of Jesus, the word “Father” is fundamental. In fact it is the name he uses most often.” — St. John Paul II

+ “The only thing I want you to do is fulfill God’s will. Give yourself up to it, with filial simplicity, repeating always this maxim of St. Teresa even in the most trying circumstances: “God knows it and God loves me.” — St. Teresa of the Andes (this was in the Magnificat — swipe right on this post; you can read the full post here).

+ St. Anne, A Saint for Us All — Our Spiritual Grandmother

+ Our Saint Anne Story — also known as how I met my husband 🙂

+ “When your spouse is hurting, be part of their healing. When they’re celebrating, be part of their rejoicing. When they’re sad, be part of their grieving. In all seasons and circumstances, share the moments, the joys and the burdens together.” — Stronger Marriages

+ “You might come from generations of addiction, divorce, abuse and brokenness, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to follow the same path. By God’s grace, you can choose a different path for your own life and your own kids. You can change the story for the future generations of your family.” — The Naked Marriage Podcast

+ 5 Remedies for Sorrow from St. Thomas Aquinas

+ “Our call in marriage is to be ministers of grace to each other.” — Joyful Ever After

+ Scripture Verses for When You’re Anxious, Confused, Heartbroken, Lonely or Fearful

+ Bringing Our Baggage to the Lord: When I noticed our hydrangea bush is blooming even though it still has spent blooms on some of its branches from last year, it made me think about how we can “bloom” even when we have “spent blooms” in our lives — how we can grow, how we can change now despite the pains and wounds and baggage we have. I know they feel like the biggest obstacles sometimes, but God wants to get in between them. We don’t need to handle them alone, to figure out how to heal them all by ourselves. Really, we can’t. Only He can. He can redeem them, He can transform them. So let’s not let them keep us from going to Him with them.

+ Saints and the Four Temperaments: “Our temperaments play a crucial role in our spiritual lives. They help reveal our natural inclinations, which can greatly affect the way we relate to God, ourselves, and others. Knowing our temperaments (it’s usually a combo of two) can bring incredible self-knowledge as it allows us to identify our gifts and strengths, as well as our weaknesses, and the vices we need to fight more readily against.”

+ Why Martha Should Be A Role Model: “We know how the story goes. Lazarus is raised, and many come to believe in Jesus because of this. Soon the Pharisees are out to kill both Jesus and Lazarus, since Lazarus was living proof (literally) of Jesus’ power. But Martha, a woman of courage, has Jesus in her house again, and Scripture simply says, “Martha served.”

“Those two words are like music to me, because they tell me that Martha finally gets it. She has grown in her faith and her love of Jesus. She has figured out how to fulfill her vocation of service while listening to him. She has become what Mother Teresa of Calcutta described her Sisters of Charity as being; she has become “a contemplative in action.” This is what I aspire to become: the Martha who gets it.   I believe it would be a great model of discipleship for all of us to become like Martha: to live out our vocation, not flagging in our work, not judging others, but keeping our eyes and ears on Jesus as we serve him in those he has put into our life. St. Martha, friend of Jesus, pray for us.” — Jeanette Williams

+ “We don’t need to eliminate our Marthas, we don’t need to get rid of our Marthas. We need to invite her in. We need to be gentle with her. We need to put some Marys into our Marthas, and in that way, find peace and grace and meaning in the work that we do.” — Karen May, “The Better Part”

+ “Home is a sacred space. It’s not just a physical space. It’s a concept. An idea. A vision. You set the tone. You choose the mood. The power you hold over your household is immense… Let it be an extension of your highest ideals. Let it announce to the world: your roots and your dreams.” — Louise, Mother in the Northern Lands

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