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17007055531_7ca2080c20_zIf there are a few things you can be sure of, one of them is this: Christ will be revealed to us.

Randy Hain at Integrated Catholic Life writes:

“When the disciples were ready, Jesus allowed Himself to be recognized when He broke bread and said a blessing.  He will also be revealed to us if our hearts and minds are ready to see Him.   He may be revealed in the suffering of the hungry and homeless, the struggling co-worker going through personal pain, a smiling newborn baby or those fleeting moments in Eucharistic adoration or other quiet prayer times when all distractions have disappeared and we are blessed with clarity and peace.”

In our very busy lives, it can be easy to miss Him, but if we only took a minute — or five — to look, to open our hearts to Him and His love, He is ready to give it to us and to make His presence known.

photo credit: John Hope Photography