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Happiness in MarriageOne of my favorite ways social media is being used is by women who are helping other women keep Christ at the center of their marriage.

That’s the whole goal over at The Time-Warp Wife.

A post that she wrote last year just popped up in my Pinterest the other day, and it really resonated with me.

Here’s what she said:

“Two of the biggest problems that young couples face are these:

  1. Our expectations are off
  2. We’re expecting our spouse to make us happy

“Happiness doesn’t come from your spouse–it comes from a Christ-centered life.

“Looking to the scriptures, we see verse after verse reminding us that our strength comes from God. Those that wait on Him are refreshed. Our surroundings can never give us that feeling of joy, peace, and contentment that a life in Jesus Christ can.”

Darlene wrote this after 25 years of marriage, but I can say I’ve already experienced this to be true — even just after two years of marriage. Maybe you already knew that after 2 days of marriage?

As much as my husband can contribute to my happiness (and he does!), he doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of making me happy. If I were to expect that of him (and I’ll admit — have…), I would be disappointed time and again — it’s inevitable. And that can be disastrous for both you & your spouse.

So how can you get it?

“How do you move from a life of discontentment and sorrow to one that is spilling over with joy?

“Like the song says… you turn your eyes upon Jesus, and the things of this world will grow dim. Day by day, teach yourself to refocus. In EVERYTHING give thanks because in doing so we learn to trust God and see His hand at work in our lives.”