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medium_4218900683For years now, my husband and I have said a very similar prayer whenever we pray for ourselves and for our families.

We pray that we may all be healthy, happy and holy.

Of course, the most important of these three is to be holy.

So as many people are making New Year’s resolutions to focus on their happiness and their health, let’s not forget to focus on our holiness this year, too — each month, each week, each day.

Father William Byrne, over at  Catholic Standard, says one way to work towards this goal is to write this question on our calendars: “Is my family happier and holier than last year?”

“While you are at it,” he says, “write the same question on the last day of each month to help keep your eyes on the prize.”

Even more helpful, he offers five resolutions for your family — starting with praying together more often.

He writes:

“Pray – Does your family pray together other than at Mass and meals? If not, forget the next four resolutions and make this your prime goal. A rosary on a long car trip is a good start. How about a prayer request box? Family members can write intentions and put them in the box and before a meal or at bedtime, you can open the box, read the intentions and say a prayer for all the needs. If you’re stuck in traffic or get a flat tire, remind everyone to offer up their frustrations for the intentions in the family prayer box.”

You can read the rest of his suggestions for your family’s resolutions here.

And if you have any suggestions on how to help your family grow in holiness this year, I’d love to hear them!

photo credit: cvconnell