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Young beautiful girl with long hair posing in the city streets

I remember reading about the saints when I was a little girl, and thinking about how extraordinary their circumstances seemed. I didn’t think I could be a saint with ordinary circumstances.

But there are many of those…

And so it is possible for us, with ordinary circumstances, to reach sainthood.

It starts with this moment, with this very day.

Sam Guzman writes:

“Holiness isn’t a matter of perfect circumstances. They don’t exist. Holiness is what we do with imperfect circumstances.

Daily life gives us a thousand opportinities to prove we love God. Sadly, we waste most of them, going through life on auto-pilot, responding through instinct and passion and never really choosing to make our lives something more.

“A cross is when God’s will and our will intersect and are at odds. Sanctity is when God’s will and our will run parallel to one another. Each day, each moment, we are faced with the choice—embrace God’s will revealed in everyday circumstances, or resist and fight his sanctifying work in our souls. The choice we make determines our fate.

“The proving ground for holiness? The fiery forge that makes saints? It isn’t some painless utopia where everything goes our way. No, it is nothing other than the often irritating, painful, frustrating circumstances of everday, humdrum life. What will you do with them?”

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