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griefI’ve posted before that I feel like I can relate to the saints whose life stories also tell of their weaknesses, vices and struggles. When those three things are overlooked & just glazed over, I not only lose interest — but I even start to lose a little bit of hope.

But if a Saint, particularly the ones who struggled with things like anxiety or depression, can overcome those deep & dark feelings… I feel like there’s a little more hope for the rest of us — like their victory is tangible and actually within reach.

Because it is! We are all called to Holiness.

And this gives me hope:

“Is it possible that a saint — someone who has tasted the wonder and richness of divine love far more deeply than the rest of us have — could be troubled by a melancholy, restless spirit? Most definitely.”

Read more about the Saints & their struggles with depression, anxiety & grief here.

P.S. The Patron Saint of people who suffer with anxiety & depression is St. Dymphna. Have you ever heard of her? You can read her inspiring story here, and you can find a novena to her here.