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Here are this week’s must-reads!

+ “The world is thy ship and not thy home.” – St. Therese

+ We celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday. I wrote a reflection in my newsletter on Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist — on His real presence in our lives, and what we can do during times when we’re struggling to “feel it.” You can sign up for the newsletter & read that reflection here.

+ “While my mental illness has not changed, my understanding of it has. I stopped seeing God as apathetic or careless and began to see a Father of true compassion. My eyes were opened to the reality that God had never abandoned me but, much like my relationship with my sister, my freedom came once an honest conversation began. In so many ways, my prayers and pleas to God were answered before my eyes. God was no longer a distant deity to me but a Father who cherished me, wounds and all. When I look back on my life, on the private moments in which I believed pain to be my only companion, I realize now that I was held by God.” — Laurel Lund

+ “Healing happens when God speaks and acts in the broken places of our lives. He needs our permission to let Him in, however. This can be hard because we’ve been hurt and anticipate more hurt. It can be helpful to remind ourselves that God is a good, good Father.” – Restore the Glory Podcast

+ “All this week we’ve had the fab stories of Elijah. Elijah fed by the Ravens, Elijah fed by the widow, Elijah brought bread and water by angels, Elijah eats with Elishas people. And today’s first reading is Moses reminding us how the Lord provided in the desert. That no one went without. (They moaned, in fairness but they were provided for) The Lord IS providing, in this apparent Eucharistic desert, in our little caves where we have run to, hiding from peril, when we have thought there is no way He can provide for us He comes in the unexpected. He comes in the everyday miracle of His presence. He comes through His word, through provision from those we maybe thought had nothing to offer.” — Xanthe Vanderputt

+ Saints who worked for justice in ways as unique as each of them

+ Patrons for racial justice

+ “There may not be much glamor in attending to the small details and numerous worries and cares of others’ everyday needs, but there is a lot of meaning and value in it. It’s the stuff that builds relationships, and relationships are what give meaning and purpose to our lives.

We can know this truth through St. Anthony’s careful attention to our lost car keys and crib hardware. We can know it in Mother Seton’s selfless, motherly example of pouring herself out in service to the needs of every person God placed in her path, and we can know it in our own lives, too. We need only take inspiration from the lives of the saints, lean on God’s grace, and then apply ourselves to good work: the often quiet, mundane, and hidden good work that God sets before us each day.” — Danielle Bean

+ “Hope is knowing that there is love.” — Henri Nouwen

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