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Adoption has been on my mind for years – especially this last year, and every time November rolls around, I get a little more intentional about praying for all the couples and families I know who desire to grow their families.

Because it’s Adoption Awareness month, and fittingly, it falls during a month when everyone is counting their blessings…

And while that’s beautiful, and something I totally stand behind, and something I consider absolutely necessary in our lives, I can’t help but think of women and families who feel like there may be one blessing or two that they don’t have around to count… yet. And that they wish, and hope, and pray, that they did.

Will you join me this month in praying for all couples and families who generously want to grow their family, share the love of Christ with others and especially with their children? (St. Anne is a perfect intercessor for this intention!)

If you don’t personally know someone in that position, that’s okay. You can “spiritually adopt” a complete stranger – your prayers won’t be wasted when you ask God to bring families together, to bring children to hopeful-parents, and to bring peace and comfort and healing to all who seek His will for their family.

Lastly, I wanted to share a beautiful post from Your Adoption Gateway; it’s the story of one birth mother’s adoption journey. She wrote, “We decided to pursue adoption after realizing that it wasn’t the right time to add to our family, but rather to add to someone else’s… Adoption was the best choice I had ever made; it gave me purpose.”  Click here to read more.

You can also read on that site about my sweet friend Amy and her husband who hope to grow their family through adoption. 

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