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Pray More (5)My husband & I will often get e-mails from people praying with us through Pray More Novenas asking us how to pray a novena. Essentially, they want to know how to pray, and how to pray a novena.

We write back and explain that we send them the exact prayers they need to say every day during the novena (it’s a 9-day prayer with one last prayer on the feast day, or 10th day), and that it’s simply a matter of praying those words with a sincere heart. 

And that’s mostly it! 🙂

I think for some, it sounds too easy.

But it’s harder than you think…

It’s actually easier to pray with an insincere heart when you’re praying words printed out in front of you on a screen. At least, I think so — that’s been my experience.

It’s easier to pray for our own heart’s desires than to ask that God’s will be done, which is how Jesus teaches us how to pray.

It’s easier to ask for what we want, instead of thanking God and asking Him for what He wants.

When I’m praying, I have to really calm down my mind and focus on the prayer, intently and humbly, word for word, for me to really feel as though I’m speaking to God and lifting up my words to the Saints.

And sometimes, I have to really try to focus on having greater faith — a child-like trust, and a child-like hope in Him who hears me.

With Lent approaching, I’ve been thinking of how I can make it a more fruitful season of prayer for myself — and for you!

I know that each season of Lent is a unique opportunity to grow closer to Christ, and that the most important part of my relationship with Him is my prayer life. So I know that during Lent, I need to spend more time in prayer — to pray more, and to pray better.

I know I need to work on that, myself, and I also want to help you do the same!

That’s why my husband & I have been working on a project that we hope will strengthen your faith and deepen your prayer life this Lent.

It’s called: the Pray More Retreat!

(Click here for the Pray More Retreat)

Before Lent begins, and even during Lent, we’re called to examine ourselves and see what needs to be worked on so that we can have a purer heart that’s more open to Christ. I know that within my own heart, there are many things that need to be let go & left behind so that Christ can fill those spaces. And I also know that He’ll only be able to enter those spaces if I give Him the time, the space, and my will.

That’s the focus of the Pray More Retreat: becoming more dedicated to prayer, and having a better conversation with our Lord through those prayers.

The retreat will be just like an in-person retreat that you can experience at home — anywhere, anytime.

You’ll hear from four speakers, each of them giving a few presentations that will help you be more dedicated to prayer in your everyday life this Lent — and onward. 🙂

Check out the Pray More Retreat here:

I hope you’ll join us on working on your prayer life this Lent!