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This week’s must-reads — and I’ll keep it short & sweet since I know we’re all busy prepping for Thanksgiving 🙂

1. 10 Questions to Deepen Your Relationship During the Holidays

2. How to Hate the Sin But Love the Sinner this Holiday Season

3. “We can see beauty as a gift from God, and a way for us to show the world His glory.” — Kara Eschbach

4. “God isn’t an unjust judge, indifferent to our cries and concerns. He is all ears when it comes to your prayers and mine. He’s not waiting for a certain combination of words or just the right novena. He is not on the fence. He is listening and loving us all along. He’s only asking us to have faith.” – Beth Davis, Blessed Is She

5. Motherhood Is A Full Contact Sport And The Eucharist Is My Spiritual PowerAde 

6. How to celebrate Thanksgiving like G.K. Chesterton

7. How to Have Happy Holidays with the In-laws

8. “At the end of the day, a good Thanksgiving is one where we look past the turkey, and the iPhones, and the good jobs, and find the thankfulness for the hardest things we’ve faced this year.  I THINK THAT’S WHEN WE GROW.” — Jill, Pink Salt Riot

9. 5 Tips for Peaceful Holidays as a Couple

10. Coping with God’s Silence