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There are a lot of things starting with an “N” going on soon…

Next week is NFP-week! Did you know? It’s a big deal around here, so I’m currently working on a post with the best info around on NFP that I’d love for you to read & share.

There’s probably a tendency to think that sharing info on NFP won’t make enough of an impact — that maybe, it won’t change anything for anybody. But I urge you to not give in to those thoughts, because I used to believe that contraception was okay. And then someone shared something with me… And here we are, 10+ years later. And I think you know how I feel about contraception & NFP now, right? 😉

But before NFP-week starts, the other “N” word that’s big & happening right now: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Writing about shopping & clothes is sort of out of the realm of what I usually write about here, but I do participate in the #MySundayBest and #WhatIWoreSunday instagram hashtags on Sunday.

My instagram is right here.

I think Rosie is sort of the leader of the pack with #MySundayBest, and it’s a fun chance to share your outfit and connect with other Catholic women. Sometimes, some women will share a picture of their whole family and what everybody wore (which gets pretty darn cute, especially if you follow Kendra). And Sara goes one step further and often shares her Sunday best outfit with her Mass takeaway (#mymasstakeaway). I’ve been doing that a little bit recently too —  a ton of other Catholic women do the same — it’s fun!

Do you share your outfit or Mass takeaway on your instagram account? If you do, leave your instagram handle in the comments — so we can all check it out! 

Okay, so long story short, since we do share info on our clothes there, I thought I’d drop a link to a post I wrote about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year. It’s a good one 😉

How I Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Hint: I Don’t)

The gist is basically that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prices are still pretty pricey, and so I don’t end up buying a lot from the sale at all. Or pretty much ever.

Instead, what I do is shop secondhand. I haven’t had as much luck at in-person thrift stores as I know a lot of ladies do. But my favorite way to shop secondhand clothes is through ThredUpHere’s a link that will give you $10 off your first purchase.

ThredUp is the largest online thrift store. They sell clothes, shoes, scarves & handbags for women (maternity, plus & petite sizes included!), juniors and kids. I’ve been shopping there for years now since I first found out about it from Grace. And I’m really, really glad I did find out about it (my husband is too!). 😉 And that’s because the prices are pretty great.

Here are a few shots of things that I bought over the last year from ThredUp. Most of these items came in excellent condition — as though they were brand new. And the prices were at least half of what I would have to pay if I bought them brand new.

The way that I shop on ThredUp’s website is usually by searching for brands that I already know will fit me well. That way, I don’t have to do as many returns (though their return policy is pretty good!). And when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale comes, all I really do now is look through their site to get ideas of what I can look for on ThredUp.

That’s sort of what I did in this post; I found things I liked at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and then I went to ThredUp and found a similar item for much less. So if you click through, you’ll see my favorite match-ups. 

Here’s to happy shopping — the kind where you can spend less!